Why Counselling

Career Counselling

Everyone is different. They have different interests, talents, ability and desires in life. It is incorrect to assume that a student would want to pick a particular career field just because he/she scores well in that subject. Individuality is an important part of your future and that’s when career counselling comes into the picture. “I strongly believe that each and every student must get attention and knowledge at the right time,” according to Preetika. “We as educators should intrigue children as to what their goals are and how to attain them.” Career Counselling helps a student to wisely pick the right subjects resulting in following their desired career path. Right from entrance exams, college admissions, academic culture, etc, career counselling gives a complete insight into what is right for them as an individual.

Career Assesments

Strem Selector test - For Classes 8th, 9th, 10th

Psychometric Test - For Classes 11th, 12th Onward